Tod J. Curtis, DDS, MS
Specialist in Orthodontics


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We are an impression-free office! No more goopy impression material jammed over your teeth, no more gagging, no more mess. We use a state-of-the-art digital scanner to optically scan your teeth and create 3-dimensional models.

After scanning, we analyze the models of your teeth digitally in 3Shape's OrthoAnalyzer software.

Any corrections needed to the final result can be applied to retainers at the end of traditional treatment, or for new patients needing minor tooth movement a series of aligners can be created in-house.

In this example, one of the top front teeth sits too far back compared to the other.

Using software, we can select the tooth that sits behind and move it forward into the correct position. If necessary, we can create in-between models to move the tooth in stages. In this case, one aligner should be able to move it fully into place.

The front teeth are now perfectly aligned.

Once the digital movements have been finalized, the models are sent to our in-house laboratory suite of  Formlabs 3D printers for printing. Accurate models can be 3D printed in around an hour.

Once the models have been printed, our laboratory technicians use a pressure-forming machine to create clear aligners over the model. The aligners are then carefully trimmed for patient comfort and ease of insertion and removal.

The patient wears the aligner full-time until the tooth movement is complete. If a series of aligners are needed, then they are replaced on a routine schedule until the desired result is achieved.


The result is then maintained through nightly wear of the final aligner.


This technology has allowed us to vastly improve the patient experience and handle minor tooth movements easily and predictably. We would be glad to discuss your options in office to achieve that perfect smile!