This work provides the first in-depth look at the second marriage of country music's most respected singer-songwriter. Contained within are never-before-seen photographs from Hank and Billie's private wedding album and personal recollections of intimate friends and those who appeared on the flamboyant New Orleans wedding shows.

With material unpublished before now, this book paints a clear picture of the sometimes turbulent circumstances surrounding Williams' final marriage. It is a rare glimpse into Hank's life during the last months before his death. This interesting story has often been overlooked, clouded, and in some cases, simply ignored in favor of his first marriage to Audrey Sheppard Guy.

Hank Williams researcher Brian Turpen and country music collector/historian Robert Gentry share a concise, yet thorough history of the events, people and places represented in early country music's most sensational wedding. The passion Williams poured into his many now-classic originals reigned supreme in his personal life as well. The enclosed is a simple, straightforward telling of his and Billie Jean's unique wedding story.

This book is also a must for every Hank Williams or Country Music fan and collector. The author will sign any book ordered.


September 18, 2010

Dear Brian,

A treasure arrived in the mail this past week - it is "A Country Music Wedding Extravaganza"!  Your book!  It's been several days of concentrated reading and I didn't want to put it down. You did a magnificent job!!  You and Robert presented to the world of Hank Williams lovers a collection of events and people not in place anywhere else.  A first excellent coverage of this single event and the deeply personal layers of thought behind it. 

"A labor of love", as Robert said in the introduction page, is definitely the case and you are credited with it...masterfully.  You did the work of researching and placing the photos to enhance the story.  The cover of the book looks like an elegant program cover (for a special wedding!) and the colors draw us in as if we were there.  Have never seen most of these photos and they are so telling.  Like, Hank's absolute joy of being with Billie Jean, the physical pain he felt most all the time, the bonding and togetherness they had, the photos of Hank with his guitar (smiling), and the engagement photo for the wedding booklet. Then the grim stark one of her looking into the casket. People love photos - these represented their life in the last few months of his life on earth and their sparse time together. Very moving, very precious. Rare!

The section about all the musicians they knew and those contracts for the wedding was fascinating.  For many years to come, readers will find their biographies captured all they need to know. That's a wonderful section and I was glad it was covered so very well - it honored the musicians who honored Hank.

I was impressed with all the history you included and facts for people to consult. You raised the bar on factual, accountable coverage and not just speculation. It described a difficult financial time in our country and in the country music world. I had a few sighs and tears when reading about the nervousness surrounding the legalities of their marriage and even to the morning of it to have reservations and fears their ex-spouse might appear and cause distress. Anxiety over people and harmful thoughts. Only God would have known there were just a few more months for Hank's life on earth. He would have been 87 years old this year. Yes, the pictures of his weight gain were startling to see.  You did a great job with this huge project - I want to say so. It was very good to focus exclusively on the wedding event and what led up to it.

Looking forward to your next book...what strikes your interest for the next one? I'll just have to wait and watch it come about.

Thank you for sending the book. I'm very happy to have it and am enjoying it very much.

A happy reader and Hank fan,
Roberta Sranford

September 25, 2010

Howdy  Brian:
I received the super-duper book on Sept.21st.   W-O-W.  I rushed into the shanty after picking up the mail and opened the envelope.  The photo on front cover is super quality!!  I read the book quickly and have since read it again spending more time studying the books details and all of the great photos and reading material.
Photos of the two of them in the book are great.  The engagement photo is tops. Photos and articles on their home's is very interesting.  The wedding photos P.. 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, & 29 are prize photos. -- to see  the two together. -- I found the WEDDING artists and Musicians very interesting reading. -- Red Sovine, Billy Walker, Claude King, Goldie Hill, etc. -- The stories written here gives interesting details about them and the added items of THEIR performances with HANK on various shows was TOPS.  Enjoyed that bit of history showing some of the artists that HANK performed with and the music relationships they all had.   Great detail!

Your  books are TOP QUALITY in writings and photos.  ENJOYABLE  READING !!!
Thank-you for  "signing" the book for me. Keep researching, Brian..............

Merv  Roach 


October 2, 2010

Hi Brian, 
Wanted to let you know that I received, have finished, and tremendously enjoyed your new book. You were quite correct about the number of photos I had never seen before---thank you. There were also lots of details about the wedding that I had not seen in print previously. I really liked the background information on all the musicians and wedding participants that you included. I had heard of most of these people before but had never seen pictures of most and knew little to nothing about any of them.

Paul Nail


                                                                                                                                                            October 18, 2010

Dear Brian,
Finally I managed to make the time to read your new book.  The amount of detail you both found out about Hank & Billie Jean's wedding and the people involved was truly impressive.  You almost feel as if you were there.  Especially good was the way you reported the different versions of certain events in a way that did not try to judge who might or might not be telling the "truth".  Realistically, different people will have different recollections of the same events. 

Excellent job!

Best wishes,
Phil Wells

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